Interrater reliability of clinical ratings and neurocognitive diagnoses in HIV

TitleInterrater reliability of clinical ratings and neurocognitive diagnoses in HIV
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsWoods, SPaul, Rippeth, JD, Frol, AB, Levy, JK, Ryan, EL, Soukup, VM, Hinkin, CH, Lazzaretto, D, Cherner, M, Marcotte, TD, Gelman, B, Morgello, S, Singer, EJ, Grant, I, Heaton, RK
JournalJournal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology
Date Published09/2004
KeywordsConfounding Factors (Epidemiology), Decision Making, Internal

We examined the interrater (IRR) of clinical ratings of neuropsychological (NP) impairment and neurocognitive diagnoses in HIV. Thirty participants with advanced HIV-infection who were enrolled in a multicenter HIV brain banking research project underwent comprehensive NP and neuromedical evaluations. Using a standardized system of guidelines, neuropsychologists from six participating sites independently assigned clinical ratings of NP impairment, as well as multilevel diagnoses reflecting the inferred etiology of the impairments and their effects on everyday functioning. Findings indicated excellent IRR in rating the presence and severity of NP impairment, but overall modest IRR for neurocognitive diagnoses. Not surprisingly, most diagnostic disagreements concerned the etiology of impairments in persons with medical and neuropsychiatric risk factors in addition to HIV.